Appliqué and Quilting Tips

FREEZER PAPER: what is it, where do I get it and why do I need it?
Freezer paper is the white butcher paper with a plastic coating on one side that your grandmother used to wrap meat in before putting it in the freezer. It is still used today in home grown meat preserving.

Some quilt shops carry a supply of it in small pieces or on a roll that you may purchase by the yard. Most grocery stores carry freezer paper, either near the meat or vegetable department or sometimes near the plastic wrap and waxed paper. Reynolds Brand gives instructions for use in quilting on the box.

All my appliqué patterns call for freezer paper in the supplies, because my instructions give the basted freezer paper method of appliqué. This seems to be the most successful appliqué method for a quilter to complete the quilt following the instructions with out additional help. If you are an experienced appliquér, it will be quite easy for you to adapt the patterns to needle turn, back basting, etc.

Tip: use a dry iron on the cotton setting to press the shiny plastic side of the paper onto the wrong side of your fabric. The plastic melts slightly and adheres to the fabric, but pulls right off when you want to remove it. The paper may be ironed on several times before it looses it's sticking properties, so reuse them when you have a lot of the same piece to appliqué.

RUCHING: what is it, how is ruching done and where can I get the tools?
Ruching is a fun and creative way to add textured embellishment to your quilts. It was originally used in millinery to adorn ladies hats. I use all types and styles of ruching in my quilts, but Coin Ruching is my favorite. It is easier, quicker and more textured than other styles.

I have developed three Coin Ruching Piecing Pal Guides, with Quilting Creations International, for creating flowers and trims. TR400 Small Coin Ruching Guide, TR500 Large Coin Ruching Guide and TR600 Coin Ruched Blossom Guide, all come with complete, easy to follow instructions and diagrams.

Piecing Pals Coin Ruching Guides are available at your favorite quilt shop, from our list of shops or directly from Quilting Creations International.

Tip: a permanent pigment ink pen ( one that doesn't wash out) works well on most fabrics and won't be seen in the finished piece.

I hope this information has been helpful to you in completing your projects. Please check back often for more tips and tools information.

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