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Help In The Studio

Don’t laugh, trying to work with a new photo sizing program. So far can’t get pictures to load correctly, but my webmaster will get it figured out now that I am giving her something to work with.
I get a lot of help in the studio, not all of it exactly what is needed.

What is the most helpful hint, tip, hack you have learned for making your studio or sewing space your happy place.

I know for me, when I practice a 15 minute “Fire Drill” once a day, usually before I leave my studio at night, I get so much more real sewing and designing done.

Share your hints in the comments.

Happy Stitchin’

Goal Setting

Many goals occupy my mind, new quilts, finish UFOs, keep the public part of the house “company ready” and, an organized studio, are just a few of my goals. Blog posts are another thing I want to keep up with this year.

Pictures are the most exciting part of any blog, and pictures are the slowest part of posting. It is the editing that slows me down. So for today, and old picture, but if all goes well by Friday, new pictures.

Meanwhile, let me put in a plug for a new magazine out called “Quiltfolk”,  a magazine about quilters and quilt related articles with no advertisement. Four big, thick issues a year with awesome photography. More like a book than a magazine, check them out at www.quiltfolk.com. I have just a few complimentary subscription discount coupons left. Email me if you are interested.

Cutting Table Clear
Studio ready for a new project.