Scrap Folding and Storage

Scrap Fabric Storage

Some scraps are too big to toss in a scrap bag, and they are too small to fit in with folded yardage without getting lost.

Vintage Scraps Overflowing


Mr. Irby tried to Help

Folding the fabric to fit into a tissue box was more successful. Here is how we did it.

You will need a large tissue box, some wide packing tapeĀ and a 4″ wide gridded ruler. Cut the top of the box from the opening to the corners, fold the flaps down and tape inside the box.

Group same print fabrics together


Stack the pieces in a fairly neat pile.


Roll/Fold pile around ruler and tuck in any stray ends to fit box.


Stack in box.


All the fabric folded and stacked in the box.

Now you can easily stack on a shelf or store in a drawer, yet easily move the pieces to your work station.