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December 27th, 2014 at 12:29 pm

Scraps to Small to Save

Quilt blocks made from “Scraps to Small to Save”. These blocks are 12 1/2 inch square, but you may make them any size you like. These blocks get sewn when I am chain piecing. I call them chasers. Some people call them starters and stoppers. Saves thread and you don’t have to do so much thread trimming.

That bit of a corner of a box you can see at the top of the photo is the box where Punkin and I have been tossing all the bigger fabric scraps, yardages, notions and other quilting stuff no longer needed, while we have been reclaiming the cutting table. Please leave a comment about what you do with your quilting leftovers. I’ll toss all the names of those who comment (you have to comment, not just like) in Punkins baby bed and draw one winner. Comments must be posted by 12 midnight Pacific Standard Time, December 31st.

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  1. Kathy Conway shares:

    i cut my scraps into 2 or 2.5 inch squares and use them at the beginning and ends while I am sewing. I sew them into 4 patches and keep them in a box to make a quilt or two from them eventually,.

  2. Laura shares:

    That is a great way to keep those scraps tidy, and you can plan for the size block you will have when done.

  3. Eileen Keane shares:

    So, Laura….I toss my scraps into a big shopping bag. When that’s full, I put them in a large plastic storage bin. I need to organize!

  4. Laura shares:

    Do you have a plan for organizing? Color? Size? Theme?

  5. Anne Gillihan shares:

    Most of my scraps I toss into a big bag like Eileen. This year though I am making a block a day (3″x4″) and using my Judy Robertson hand dyed scraps.

  6. deb shares:

    love scraps and such thanks so much did you get the idea from Bonnie Hunters blog 😉

  7. Laura shares:

    I know Bonnie has some wonderful quilts from scraps to small to save, but I got labeled the Keeper of Scrapes to Small to Save about 20 years ago at our guild retreat. All newcomers are “warned”, I will be scrounging through the trash bags for anything bigger that 3/4 x 3/4 inch.

  8. Karen Grover shares:

    did you ever wonder if some of your current stash wasn’t part of someone elses at one time or another?

  9. Laura shares:

    I know some of my current stash came from other stashes. Every year at our guild “Quilt Til You Wilt”, we exchange Ugly Fabrics and Scrap Bags. I have some wonder pieces from those exchanges.

  10. Rhonda shares:

    I keep my scraps in large totes. Use them for the Odessa Block Lotto. Plus, I made the Buggy Barn flag with only scraps and I still have a ton of red, white and blue scraps left. Now I am working on quilts with the 73 green fat quarters I won at Quilt Til You Wilt. I have 5 done so far with more scraps left to make about 4 more.

  11. Laura shares:

    Wow! You are on a roll. How many totes do you have for your scrap collection?

  12. Rhonda shares:

    You can never have too many totes. One for patriotic, one for miscellaneous, and two smaller ones for Christmas and Halloween. Happy quilting!

  13. Sherry Thompson shares:

    My scraps are growing faster than my stash, how is that possible? I am making little charity quilts for different organizations all the time and yet…

  14. Laura shares:

    …they breed like cute little rabbits, don’t they.

  15. Louise Perkins shares:

    I save all my scraps over 3″, the rest I throw into a bag that I give to a lady that makes cement sculptures.

  16. Laura shares:

    Cement sculptures? I am curious, how are the fabric scraps incorporated?

  17. Toi Eifler shares:

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